Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What It’s All About

Crewe has more than 40 pubs. There used to be many more. What’s behind the changes? What kind of pubs can the resident and visitor enjoy? Strangely, there isn’t an up-to-date survey or guide – the closest I could find on the web was the Crewe TV Blog’s take on the town’s pubs, which is now out of date – and so, taking my cue from the nice folks who run The Chester Beer Project, I decided to do my own.

Basically Ken, it's like this

The Crewe Beer Blog is intended to include a review of every pub in the town. Along the way, there’ll be posts taking time to explain some of the history and other background, about the brewing industry, and giving some idea of how pubs and breweries arrived at Where We Are Now. No authority is claimed for the blog – it’s entirely one person’s opinion.

What kind of criteria are employed in deciding whether a pub is good, bad or indifferent? Well, all visits were done midweek, and any pub that’s doing OK should be at least ticking over, especially if there’s an Alex or England football match on. That’s one factor, but my personal filter comes down to whether or not the place offers its punters cask beer.

Why? Simples. Anything else you can get off the shelves at Asda, and that includes every kind of Extra Cold Mega Smooth Super Creamy Nitro Keg rubbish. And with the advent of the FastCask, there’s no excuse. Also, there’s a bewildering array of craft and micro breweries offering the stuff, so the idea that you’d be pushed to find a supplier is, to use the vernacular, crap.

The welcome also influences my judgment, as does the company and the presence of Very Loud Music. I say, you’ll have to SPEAK UP! Yes dear, WRAP UP WARM!! OK if there’s a music evening or sports event on I make an exception for that. Sometimes the cost is mentioned: if I remember it, of course. Cost is one factor that determines whether folks walk through the door.

Going to the pub is what’s known as an optional purchase. No longer do you need to go there to drink, not when every supermarket and corner shop in town is heaving with the stuff. And when there is a choice of pubs, you don’t have to stick to the same one. If a pub isn’t cutting the mustard, the punters will simply up sticks and pile off elsewhere. And so did I. On more than one occasion.

So, are we all sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

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