Monday, 23 July 2012

10 Sydney Arms

Visited on 22 May 2012

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Out of the town centre, on the road that goes from the link road roundabout to Leighton Hospital, is the Sydney Arms, at the heart of the suburb of the same name. Another Robinson’s tied house, it has outdoor seating, and is set back from the road behind a low fence, the gate in which gives the staff an early warning of prospective punters who, in Glaswegian parlance, may already have “had enough”.

Why so? That’s because it can be rather fiddly to operate, but the trouble is well worth it: two cask beers are on offer this fine evening, Best Bitter – oops, sorry, Unicorn Best Bitter – and Dizzy Blonde, another of those summery ales which gets its pale colour partly from using Amarillo hops, which are not, repeat not, anything to do with a very cheesy 70s song that we are not going to talk about.

Moving right along from the pump clip, which more or less guarantees that an appearance anywhere in the Palace of Westminster would have Louise Mensch on the warpath in short order, the pint is happily topped up and is most enjoyable. So what kind of pub is the Sydney Arms inside? Compact is the word that comes to mind, with separate rooms for pool, games, and TV.

There’s music of a weekend – as with many Crewe pubs – and I’m slightly concerned that there might be a tendency to loudness from the jukie, though that’s just a thought, not a fact. More evening trade seems to come early doors, which could be down to local businesses and that main-ish road outside. But the Dizzy Blonde is most refreshing. That’s the beer, folks.

The Sydney Arms continues the trend set by the Crown earlier: sound but not spectacular for Robinson’s pubs. Worth popping in if you’re in the area. The blonde beers might appeal to a few of those poor souls who had previously drunk nothing but appallingly tasteless fizzy lager, and it’s good to see an established brewer getting in on this new style.

And with that, it’s back over the road and into a large housing estate. Probably of the same vintage as Tony Christie. All will be revealed later, but I can reveal that Sweet Marie will not be waiting for me there. This is the way to ... oh sod it. Seventies pop – dontcha hate it?!?

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you should revisit soon and blog again, things very different and backward there now, no atmosphere