Sunday, 29 July 2012

13 Cheshire Cheese

Visited on 29 May 2012
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This evening I shall mainly be doing a lot of walking before I get to do any drinking of beer. And first is a long stretch south from Crewe out to the Cheshire Cheese, a roadhouse pub on the way to Shavington. It’s still a pub, but nowadays styles itself “Koconut Grove at the Cheshire Cheese” and claims to be “The North West’s first fusion pub”. It also has a large sign outside proclaiming “Real Ale”.

So, having dodged the incessant stream of cars along an all too narrow pavement – that’s too narrow in places even for one, given the overhanging foliage – I arrive at a very smartly presented open plan bar’n’seating area. And there is indeed cask beer, which is Wells Bombardier. This is served promptly and topped up perhaps even more promptly. They’re hot on service here.

And the beer? OK, some grumble about Bombardier, but I like it, especially when it’s cellar cool and on form, and this evening both criteria are satisfied. So a look round is next. There are groups of punters dining – this is a food pub rather than a pub that happens to do food – and they’re tucking into a variety of nosh. Some are having an English? Goodness gracious me!

Yes, you can have English, but the speciality is southern Indian dishes, hence the name. The focus is on India’s Kerala region, reminding anyone not quite up to speed that there is no such thing as one defined kind of “Indian Food” (Trip Advisor has an unintentionally hilarious unhappy review by someone who asserts that he knows what “Indian Food” is, as he “eats it twice a week”).

Of course, you can just do as I’m doing, and nip in for a swift beer, or even a pint of Bombardier (the jokes don’t improve, folks). They do an inexpensive buffet lunch most days too, and that’s real temptation. The walk out and back is an excellent excuse to make the detour. It’s only a pity that anyone on foot is taking their life in their hands on that all too narrow pavement.

And one final thought: if places that have the emphasis on food can bother to put on cask beer and keep and serve it right, so can everyone else. Did I say it was very smartly presented? So smart I had to say it twice.

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