Wednesday, 11 July 2012

5 Nag’s Head

Visited on 19 May 2012
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So, after dipping the toe in the water with the first four pubs, and promising to do all the rest, it’s starting to get serious. Off to the top end of Market Street it is, then.

Most of Market Street is the part that goes from Chester Bridge to the Market Centre mall (which cut it in half when it was built). So many folks forget there is the part to the north side of the shopping centre and its car parks. And here is the Nag’s Head, on the corner of Meredith Street, one of those local pubs that you might have thought had vanished.

It has a separate tap room, there’s a pleasant lounge and a snug off it, and the latest management have committed to offering cask beer. “We’ve only got Wainwright” was the reply, almost apologetically. They usually have two cask choices. Hot food is on at lunchtimes.

No problem there, there’s nothing wrong with Thwaites Wainwright, and it’s on top form. And plenty of punters midweek. Music is on, but not that will stop the conversation: “Acoustic Sounds” is the strapline. That restrained approach has also been a real plus for the excellent Cellar Bar in Chester.

Yep, it’s the kind of pub that I thought had vanished, and it’s pretty damn good news to see that it’s still going, still doing OK – enthusiastic management might be something to do with it – and that it has no problem serving up a good pint of beer. I might be persuaded to revisit the place. Oh all right, I might not need any persuasion at all.

It’s worth venturing across that main road outside Argos, folks. Trust me, I’m a discerning beer drinker and paid-up Yorkshireman.

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Anonymous said...

The nags is great, good beer, good food & quality music