Sunday, 15 July 2012

7 Rising Sun

Visited on 16 May 2012
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So, on an evening with the Alex bidding to dump Southend out of the play-offs, and the best and worst of local pubs already visited, what of the next one? The Rising Sun, across from the entrance to the retail park and within range of the memorably unpleasant smell of the KFC outlet there, recently spent a while closed up. Fortunately it’s now open again, and pleasingly busy.

This might have been assisted by the nearest competition, the Belle Vue, which was just across the road, being closed, abandoned and demolished in rather short order recently. The east end of Earle Street used to have many more pubs than are open nowadays, one of which, the Vine, is now The Vine Apartments. There may have been others in the past.

So what’s on offer? There is a separate tap room, and large enough for a full size pool table. The lounge appears to have been knocked through into the adjacent house at some time in the past, so no shortage of space there. And, among the array of fizzy and merely nitrogenated promo-beers, is Greene King IPA.

Er, Greene King IPA? From Bury St Edmunds? That used to be unheard of outside the south east? The very same. We will encounter it again. So why is a southern brew fetching up in the north west? Ah well. It’s not just mega-brands that have a larger reach nowadays. Ever since Courage inflicted fizzy John Smiths on Bristol, regional bitters have been travelling further from home.

Goodness knows how bad the keg version of Courage Bristol bitter must have been for John Smiths to be popular, but as Clive James might have said, I digress. How does a southern beer take to being served in the northern style? Actually, it manages pretty well. It’s recognisably Greene King, and it’s in rather good nick. The only problem is that there’s only one bloke behind the bar, and he’s a bit busy.

The verdict? It’s an OK locals’ pub and makes the effort to put on a cask choice. Hopefully it will stay open permanently this time. The only other downside is that, while I’m enjoying my pint, Southend equalise. Bugger.

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Anonymous said...

They got rid of the barber shop in there then?
Bloody terrible place last time I was in.