Tuesday, 17 July 2012

8 King’s Arms

Visited on 16 May 2012
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You’ve walked past this pub and never been in, right? Come on, anyone who walks from the Grand Junction Retail Park – where you can park for free – to Crewe town centre – where you can’t – has walked past the King’s Arms. You know, the one on the corner before the hump back over the railway, where you sometimes see a bloke on his mobility scooter getting his pint brought out to him.

Well, the King’s Arms is that kind of pub. It’s welcoming and the folks are helpful. And it’s worth going in just to see the maze of rooms, one of which has the lights down and a separate screen for serious football addicts as the play-off semi final reaches its conclusion. It’s another pub of the kind you thought didn’t exist any more, but it does, and it offers cask beer as well.

Yes, among the array of nitro-yuk and SortOfPilsnerIshFizz is a handpump with a clip saying Pedigree. And you can’t say fairer than Pedigree, not at two and a half notes a go. It’s not bad either. Pedigree has a taste that I can’t easily describe, but somewhere in there is what tells you it’s brewed using the Burton Union system. Draught Bass used to have something similar until they changed the process.

Anyway, never mind that, Southend are pressing, countering the Alex’ pass-and-move game with the elegant and stylish, er, barrage of long balls into the box, all urged on by wee Paul Sturrock. This works so well that his team lose possession, the Alex go up the other end, and stick another in the net. So, eh, stick that in yer wee scabby haggis.

Yes, Southend equalise again, but the Alex’ players’ keep-ball for the last couple of minutes, and their lead from the first leg, means they are victorious. Well, what do you expect when your ground is built on an old rubbish tip? Wembley here they come. An excellent conclusion to this short pub crawl and a decent pint in a really original pub to boot.

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Anonymous said...

You'd have to be some kind of mental to go in here when the Borough Arms is 30ft across the road.