Thursday, 2 August 2012

15 Ye Olde Manor

Visited On 29 May 2012
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After another long walk, not that I want to just put plenty of distance between myself and The Raven, you understand, the end of Manor Way is reached. Here is Nantwich Road, home to that well known business income source known as Passing Trade. And in a prime position to tap that trade is Ye Olde Manor.

It’s a Crown Carvery (website HERE). So it’s food before pub, then, is it? Let’s go in and find out.

That’s a slightly difficult one: is this a food pub, or a pub that does food? That’s not as easy to answer as might be thought. The car park is usually well filled, and those punters come for the food before the drink. But my visit reveals many folk are here just to relax with a few drinks. Both groups are more than adequately catered for.

As with any food pub, every table gets a number, so if you decide to order food, that order finds you. And the menu is on all day, so those who decide to eat later on – rather than visiting a takeaway on the walk home – generate more custom (and there’s no escape, folks – they do takeaway too!).

But what about the beer? OK, OK, I’m getting there. Unusually, all pumps and dispensers have prices clearly marked, and that includes the handpumps that are serving Marston’s Pedigree and EPA. I have a pint of the latter, which is just over two quid and is very pleasant indeed. It may well be FastCask (I’ll post on this later) but it’s a nicely balanced session beer.

This should be no surprise, given the Cask Marque sign outside. So what kind of mix of punters is there midweek? Groups of blokes, the kind that might have walked there from Brookhouse – as I did – couples sharing a bottle of wine, friends gathering for a chat, office and shop workers on their way home, and of course those taking a break from their car journey: all are represented.

The bar staff are happy and smiling, the service is prompt, food arrives smartly, the place is a little lived in but welcoming, and that means this blog’s favourite phrase is about to be deployed once again: IT’S NOT BLOODY ROCKET SCIENCE.

If I lived on the Brookhouse estate – and I’m more than moderately thankful not to – I’d gladly walk here rather than endure The Raven. But you probably guessed that answer already. Another pub that has something for everybody. That’ll do nicely.

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