Friday, 3 August 2012

16 Corner Bar

Visited on 29 May 2012
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And so, back at the Station end of Nantwich Road, this evening’s long walk concludes with a look at the Corner Bar, which is part of the Royal Hotel. The last time I drank here of an evening was some time ago, before the current management took over. The beer offering then was fizzy keg and it was, not to put too fine a point on it, crap.

Fortunately those days are well and truly gone. Although the bar is quiet midweek – this place and the Box next door really get busy at weekends – that’s no excuse not to put on a decent pint. And the Corner Bar is the only place in town where you can regularly sample Salopian ales.

This evening just the two are on offer, Lemon Dream and Golden Thread. Decisions, decisions. It’s Lemon Dream, which gets the nod on the name alone. It’s not particularly lemony, but a pleasant golden coloured premium strength brew which uses wheat malt and even combines Goldings hops with Saaz, which latter you’d normally associate with Pilsner style beers.

In case you missed the music bar orientation, there’s a stage in one corner, guitars everywhere, and photos of dozens of acts that have appeared recently. And there’s also a seating area above the bar which looks a good bet for a quieter berth when the volume gets turned up.

There are also a number of interesting looking bottled beers available. It’s only a pity that there aren’t more punters visiting. There are worse ways to pass the time when waiting for your train, most of which involve tolerating our wonderfully-not-very-updated-much-since-sometime-before-1923 station. Pop in here instead, but keep check of the time.

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