Tuesday, 7 August 2012

19 Woodside

Visited on 5 June 2012
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Great food ... Great value” proclaims the sign outside. The Woodside is another food pub, located a long walk from just about anywhere in Crewe. And this evening, the weather is miserable and wet. Will it be a bad omen?

It’s a Cook House pub, one of a chain of just seven (website HERE). They do allegedly famous sausages, which is of little use to me as I had my sarnies before setting out. There is a couple larking about and blocking the entrance. Perhaps they are trying to tell me something.

And so to the bar, which boasts a battery of three handpumps, but hardly have I noticed these than the barmaid chirps up “None of these are working”. Well, with no pump clips in sight, I somehow guessed the bad news.


It did sound as if she’d had that line ready. So what to select from the less than appealing array of shinily dispensed easy-flow extremely dead beer? Let’s have a pint of Theakston’s bitter, shall we? It’s the same colour as the cask version, and a slight challenge for the diminutive barperson with the tall tap. Blame the Scots.

Why so? The glass must be filled “in full view of the customer”, but only north of the border. Hence the tall fonts of legend. Not a lot of people know that. So what’s the beer like? Actually, you can tell that it was once Theakston’s bitter, before it get killed stone dead in the pasteurisation process. And it cost me 20p more than a pint of Pedigree over at Ye Olde Manor.

And the pub? Probably more room than Ye Olde Manor, except there are less folk at the Woodside. And it doesn’t seem to be doing much food business, either. Oh, hang on, there’s a screen with a kaleidoscopic pattern on it. What’s that all about? What? Christ on a bike, it’s a video jukebox, playing stuff like “Rat Trap”! What happened, did I walk through a time portal somewhere?

If you can’t get Theakston’s bitter in widget can form, then that’s one very small advantage of what I’ve bought over supermarket stuff. And that’s all. Not really welcoming, no decent beer, and I couldn’t give a flying foxtrot how famous the sausages are. Looks like there was a Decent Food Pub In South West Crewe draw and Ye Olde Manor won it. And the Woodside didn’t.

Another disappointment, and a waste of a long walk. Next!

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