Tuesday, 14 August 2012

23 White Lion (Warmingham)

Visited On 12 June 2012
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A pleasant and sunny evening, and time to venture out of town. I did wonder whether to class this pub as being in Crewe, but as it’s only just across the railway from the Eight Farmers (review following) decided to include it. The White Lion is on the north side of the road just before Warmingham village. You should take care if walking – I visited on a summer evening – in view of road lighting and the narrow pavement.

This is a very well presented and smart pub. There is a separate tap/games room, and also a separate room for TV and eating, which this evening is showing a Euro2012 group qualifier. There is strong emphasis on food, with emphatic warnings that punters need to book ahead at busy times. But, although things are ticking over this evening, those busy times are not right now.

Fortunately there is also a choice of cask beer – Wells Bombardier and Deuchars IPA are on offer. I opt for the Deuchars, which is willingly topped up. It’s OK, and appreciated after the walk. There are folks taking advantage of the outside seating, but most are either chatting or watching the football. And one person orders food. I’m not sure about those warnings, although most reviews are positive.

Whatever, it’s time to finish up and move on to the next review. Oh, hang on a minute, it isn’t: when almost at the end of my pint, an apparition of beetroot complexion and XXXL size clad in an XL T-shirt emerges behind the bar and enquires gruffly “Are you having another?

Now, as Jon Stewart might have replied, two things here: not that the apparition was to know, but that was the same question I got asked at the Raven, and associating your pub with the Raven in my mind is not A Good Idea. And two, this may be a minority report I’m filing here, but that approach is not likely to generate very much marginal additional business.

So I have to advise the generously proportioned apparition that no, I’m not having another. And I hope he gets dressed soon. All part of life’s rich pageant, and if you’ve read this far, don’t let the last bit put you off visiting. It’s an OK pub.

And with that, it’s on to the next one.

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