Thursday, 16 August 2012

24 Eight Farmers

Visited On 12 June 2012
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Why Eight Farmers? Heck, I dunno, cos it’s written, that’s why. This is a recent build pub of a similar age to all the nearby housing on the north side of Parkers Lane. It’s another Marstons Pub Company house, they refurbished the place at the end of 2010, and there’s now an outside smoking area too (thanks to the Crewe TV blog for that info). There is also a large car park.

It’s all open plan, with some seating areas raised up above bar level. You get the usual large screen TV – more Euro 2012, to no surprise – and the usual pub stuff like a pool table. It’s very spacious and so doesn’t look full, even though there are plenty of folks there. And it does food, all day, every day.

Anyhow, enough of that, what about the beer? Two cask choices this evening, Marstons Bitter and Jennings Cumberland Ale. I choose the Jennings, and it’s excellent. Happily topped up, and good value. Thank goodness they kept this brewery open after the takeover – unlike all those 60s and 70s buyouts that saw plants closed and trashed all too regularly.

Ah, there is also some maintenance to do. The bar staff take advantage of a quieter moment to clean the Marstons Bitter pump and line, which in Ye Olden Days of restricted opening hours you could schedule for the break between lunchtime and evening sessions. That’s no longer possible with all day opening. Reassuring to see it being done. If only all pubs did the same.

And that sums up the whole pub: clean and smart, welcoming, the beer’s good, and you could do a lot worse. As to why it’s popular, well, one more reason for that is about to be discovered, so stay tuned.

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