Friday, 17 August 2012

25 Merlin

Visited On 12 June 2012
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So from the Eight Farmers it’s down Mablins Lane and then a turn towards Leighton Hospital, but only as far as The Merlin, a recent build estate pub with a moderately tasteless frontage. It’s a long trek, so I’m hoping it might be worth it.

The pub sign is all wrong – there’s no Crewe magician connection. The connection of the town to the word “Merlin” is through the establishment of the Rolls-Royce plant on Pyms Lane (now Bentley Motors) which during World War 2 turned out thousands of Merlin aero engines. So that sign should show a Spitfire, Hurricane or Lancaster. Or perhaps all three.

The car park is empty. I’m getting a Raven feeling here, but onwards and onwards, eh? The bar entrance says to use the main door. So I continue to the main door, which is locked. It’s closed!

What’s this? “Welcome ... to FRI SAT SUN”? I kid you not, that is what it says. A pub that is only open at the weekend? What state is the beer going to be in for that? I doubt if it will have cask, and if it did, I wouldn’t be keen on ordering it. A modern estate pub that closes during the week? Come on, someone’s having a laugh. No, I’m not coming back of a Friday just to do a review.

This one is getting empty chaired. I’m sure I can find a suitable tub of lard to stand in for it. About turn, and on to the next pub.

And, as to why this state of affairs has come to pass, well, that’s something that will be covered later.

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