Thursday, 23 August 2012

27 Imperial

Visited On 12 June 2012
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So the evening finishes on the south side of the town centre at this large roadhouse pub fronting onto Edleston Road. The name is also abbreviated to Imp. There are two entrances but inside it’s one large space with room for pool table, stage and food servery as well as a long bar. And on that bar are two pairs of handpumps without pumpclips or any trace of recent activity.


So that’ll be Guinness (again). I’m getting to be quite a connoisseur of this occasionally stouty nitro-keg, and can report that, while this one is fine, that in the Captain Webb had the edge. But they dropped a point for advertising cask beer while not actually having any. Any smokers out there? The Imperial has an outside covered terrace that might interest you.

It’s not busy, but there are plenty of folk in this evening. Yes, there is a Euro 2012 qualifier on, but it’s not Ingerlund tonight. The place is clearly popular. It’s welcoming and for whatever reason even has food on, which is much appreciated. The bar staff even give me a nudge to go and get some before it runs out, or they corner what’s left, for which no-one can blame them.

So how’s it work? The Imperial is effectively a “sports bar” kind of pub, and a regular live music venue. It’s secure when busy with someone on the door, so groups of all kinds feel safe. Many in that first category are susceptible to being swayed by the saturation advertising of keg and, er, “vogue” beers. Therefore the management can get away with not offering cask.

That’s a pity though, because there is only so much chasing of a declining market you can do, and with stuff like FastCask there’s no excuse. Just a thought.

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