Friday, 24 August 2012

28 Horse Shoe

Visited On 19 June 2012
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This evening, Ingerlund are playing Ukraine in a Euro 2012 group match. And it is warm and sunny. As a result, there will be lots of beer sunk across the town. So it’s daft not to, innit? We start with a trek across Crewe and all the way up Middlewich Street, then past the sorry looking boarded up roadhouse that was the Cross Keys, which may soon be flattened to make an entrance to a new housing estate.

Close by is the Horse Shoe, a Robinson’s tied house. It’s not the arrangement of rooms I’d expected: there is a separate games room with its own entrance, and I’m guessing that was the tap room in days gone by. There’s a very 1960s gas fire and detail opposite the bar. The room with the stage is set up with a screen and closed curtains for the Ingerlund match, with another screen in the games room.

So much for the preliminaries, what about beer? Well, it’s a Robinson’s pub and so there is no problem locating a cask offering. Double Hop? That’s a brew I’ve not sampled before. I’ll have one of those. It’s bloody excellent. Only later do I discover it’s a 5% brew! Maybe I should have taken it a little slower. There is also Best Bitter, sorry, Unicorn Best Bitter, and Build A Rocket Boys! on offer.

That’s the brew made for Elbow. The service is fine, the pint was topped up as requested with no problem, it’s clearly a popular boozer (although the numbers will have been helped by the Cross Keys being forcibly closed and abandoned recently), and would make a very decent local. And there’s a car park out the back.

That is the third and final Robinson’s tied house done. All three offered a choice of cask beer, with a total of five different brews. Ironic, isn’t it, that all those years ago the brewery tie was seen as one of the worst things about the industry, but for regional breweries like Robinson’s means you can get a decent pint and they don’t just cash in their property and run when they get the chance.

It’s a funny old world. Seriously good pint of beer, too. That sets up the evening nicely.

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Dave said...

Remember this place when it was our local in the late
60s/early 70s; specifically I remember sawdust on the floor and a regular banjo player. Not posh and unfortunately Robinson's was pretty awful in those days. Nevertheless a fond memory.