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29 Bridge Inn

Visited On 19 June 2012
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Walking from the Horse Shoe back to the roundabout and then south on Broad Street is the Bridge Inn, which is next to the railway overbridge, hence the name. The roadway has been built up rather higher over the years, so you have to step down into the pub. Much of that is because the line running under that bridge was one of the first to be electrified using the high frequency AC system.

Why so? Well, at first, a conservative approach to wire clearances was taken, and everything had to give a full eleven inches from train to wire, and from wire to structure (like that bridge). So not only did a lot of bridges have to be raised up, but they also had to be raised up rather a lot. The clearances got reduced over the years to around eight inches. Not a lot of people know that.

So what of the pub, which advertises “Cask Ales” not once, but twice? Passing through a rather tattily painted door into the bar, we soon come to this conclusion:


So don’t tell me, it’ll be a Guinness. Yes, a pint of “usual”, for those of you that remember very, very old adverts. And it’s not otherwise inspiring. The bar is fairly busy, but of course there is an Ingerlund match on. I attempt a little banter with the locals over this. One of them looks at me as if I just shat in his pocket. The barmaid doesn’t seem fussed about service.

Y’know, given that the Cross Keys closed down recently, this place should be enjoying more trade. Or perhaps it was worse when the Cross Keys was open. It just looks like a group of bods who have accepted that their fate is to spend all their pub attendance hours supping nitro-keg and hoping that no strangers wander in off the street. It’s eerily reminiscent of the Rockwood, but with live football.

And the competition isn’t up to much (it’s the other end of McLaren Street from the Captain Webb). But that pub, while it also advertises cask beer and also doesn’t actually have any, is at least happy and welcoming. The Bridge Inn, for the occasional drinker, holds no attraction at all, except in the using of the exit door.

Waste of time and money. Next!

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