Monday, 27 August 2012

30 White Lion (Ford Lane)

Visited On 19 June 2012
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Walking south along Ford Lane, after sighting the pub but well before getting to the door, there is a roar from inside as Ha-roon-ay scores for Ingerlund from the challenging distance of around half a metre. This is followed by the beating of drums and the well known Ingerlund chant. So it’s safe to say that the White Lion is another of those pubs that does well out of being rather like a sports bar.

This is a locals pub just north of West Street (that part is significant, as future reviews will show) which has been knocked into one large room. There’s a pool table at one end and darts at the other, with screens placed so that no-one should have any trouble viewing whatever sport is on offer. But there is also this observation:


At the time of this visit, there is a handpump on the bar with its clip turned away, suggesting they have cask, but have run out, but a revisit – we like to be fair and thorough – revealed that it had been removed, so not a temporary aberration. So what shall we choose from the assorted offerings of pasteurised and totally dead liquid? I’ll have a pint of Worthington Creamflow (tm).

The pub is heaving – and it was busy when revisited – and so has made a success out of going down a route similar to the Imperial. There wasn’t a bouncer on the door but the number of significantly built locals should make sure that anyone not able to deport themselves in a reasonable manner would be ejected pretty swiftly. Groups wanting an agreeable place for an evening out should be safe.

So what of the beer? It’s cheap. And bland. And, who knows, it may be mildly alcoholic. Fortunately the pint of Double Hop earlier has caused a mellowness, but I would hate to drink this nitro-keg piss* all night. Some folk do this of their own volition. And that’s not a pleasant thought, or prospect.

It’s a pity they can’t be bothered offering decent beer, though, because as I keep pointing out, all they’re doing is chasing a declining market. The White Lion spent some time closed recently, and could well have benefited from the recent closure of the nearby Delamere Arms (as well as a raft of closures on West Street, of which more later).

And with that thought, it’s on to the next pub. It’ll be a moderately long walk.

*This is a personal opinion, and I’m sure that others think much more highly of the product. God only knows why, though.

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