Tuesday, 28 August 2012

31 Duke Of Bridgewater

Visited On 19 June 2012
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It’s a long walk from Ford Lane, so I hope the last port of call this evening will be worth it. On the corner of Edleston Road and Wistaston Road, backing on to the railway, the Duke Of Bridgwater is now a Marston’s Pub Company house. For a few months in 2008, coincidentally during the period of the by-election campaign, it was the “Polish Pub” (the Azyl) but certainly isn’t now.

The pub has been here for, oh, rather a long time. It was well established at the end of the nineteenth Century. So what’s on offer this 21st Century evening? Wychwood Hobgoblin was on, but has run out. But there is a standby called Pedigree! And thank goodness for that. It’s very, very good – better than the pint in the King’s Arms, and that wasn’t bad. And not expensive, either.

It’s all one room now, but looks like the area where the pool table is was a tap room with the entrance further along Wistaston Road (which is still there). The service is fine, and of course soon after arrival That Football Match ends and Ingerlund are victorious. There is much relief all round, and generous acknowledgement of the Ukrainian goal that wasn’t. Because the match is over and it won’t count.

This is a highly agreeable pub. It’s got the usual Marston’s Pub Co extras, like coffee and food at lunchtimes, and free WiFi. This is the third and last Marston’s outlet to be reviewed, and had the Hobgoblin not have run out, there would have been a total of five different cask beers on offer, even though the Banks’s in the Cheese Hall was not up to scratch.

And, like the Robinsons houses, all Marston’s outlets offer cask beer. If they can do it, so can everyone else. Nice one to round off the evening – I’ll have to look in again sometime.

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