Wednesday, 5 September 2012

32 Brunel Arms

Visited On 26 June 2012
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And so the evening came to pass when West Street was surveyed.

There were, not so many years ago, many pubs in this part of Crewe. But that was when there was both lunchtime and evening trade from the nearby railway works. Now only a few hundred work there, and they tend to drive in and out, so no visits to the pub. And the population demographic has changed, with much of the older housing stock being flattened.

So the Wolverton Arms is boarded up and abandoned. The George has been demolished. The Lion and Swan closed, burnt down and was then flattened. Nearby, the Delamere Arms has closed, and the LMR Club has just been pulled down. There are only two survivors, and the Brunel Arms, on the corner of Goddard Street, the cobbled street which once upon a time led to the works entrance, is the first.

There are a couple of punters outside having a smoke, and another doing the same outside the side entrance in Goddard Street. Such is the extent of choice, given that this phrase has to be wheeled out once again:


There is a handpump on the bar, but its sole function this evening is for the barman to lean on it while talking to one of the locals. I survey the uninspiring array of nitro-keg offerings and select John Smiths, not out of any liking for it, but because, well, having a pint in every pub is part of the blog’s mission statement. It is, as ever, mildly alcoholic, and because it’s “extra cold”, takes longer to dispose of.

What else is there to tell? The interior is rather worn, the pool table sits at an awkward angle for the area selected for its presence, trade is steady but unexceptional, and the whole atmosphere projects the image of an enterprise that knows it’s doomed and is just waiting for someone to call time on it. It is signally dispiriting. And that’s a shame.

The sole USP of this place appears to be that it sells nitro-keg dead cheap, and that’s that. You might just as well get some cans in from Asda and invite some friends round. Come on folks, you’ll have to do better.

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