Wednesday, 12 September 2012

35 Gaffers Row

Visited On 26 June 2012
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Three pints of fizz out of three so far this evening, but the trek ends where I know I can get a jar of decent ale. The Gaffers Row, so named because of the railway cottages opposite on Victoria Street, is the local Wetherspoons outlet and to no surprise at all has around eight cask choices either ready or available soon. The large and low ceilinged space is a little dark and deceptively well filled.

Yes, because of the way that much of the seating is partitioned off, it’s not immediately apparent how many folks are in. Let’s say there are more than at the Victoria – dozens more. And it’s not hard to see why: the choice of beers, the low prices, and all day food offers make up for it being a chain pub with a slightly formulaic set-up.

So what’ll I have? Choices, choices. A pint of Wincle Undertaker, a pleasant dark beer and a real relief after that crap pint of Guinness at the Victoria. I find a nice bar stool by the window and relax. Some are sitting outside – it’s still quite warm at this time of the evening – so they can have a smoke. Some are snacking, others sharing a bottle of wine. All are catered for here.

Another pub that provides a decent pint and food too – so what does that tell us? Yes, once again, IT’S NOT BLOODY ROCKET SCIENCE. The beer is certainly a decent end to this leg of the survey – or is it? No it isn’t. No, sod it, I’m going back to the bar to order another. Dammit, after all that crap earlier I’ve earned it. What’ll it be? Coach House Summer Sizzler. Why not?

This is another of those summery golden ale thingies. It’s not half bad, very different to the Wincle Undertaker. According to my notes, there were four other cask beers on including Abbot Ale and Ruddles Best, a cask cider, and up and coming cask beers included Slater’s Diamond Jubilee. Wetherspoons aren’t everyone’s idea of a pub night out, but you could do a lot worse, and I already did. Three times.

And with that, it’s time to wend my weary way home. But like the man said, I’ll be back.

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