Monday, 17 September 2012

36 Rookery Wood

Visited On 3 July 2012
Here's the photo ...

... and here's the (wrong) map (pub on roundabout)

And so another evening’s surveying begins, more in hope than optimism, as I take a suitably long walk down Weston Road, past the industrial estate, past the Tesco Order Fulfilment Centre, and past the Honda dealer that never seems to have anyone in looking at buying a car, and across the road by the roundabout at the end of the link road, to the Rookery Wood.

This is a new build pub with the accent on food and families, and is part of the Fayre & Square chain. Given the length of the trek from town, and that, unlike the Duke Of Gloucester, there is little in the way of local residents, it’s more than likely that most of its business comes from passing trade, and that most of that trade arrives and departs by car. So we might be talking lots of shandies and soft drinks.

But on arrival – entrance round the side, from the car park – there is the pleasant surprise of not one but two cask options: Sharp’s Doombar and Wells Bombardier are offered this evening. So I select Doombar, which the barman tops up when requested. The service is a little perfunctory, although in his defence, there are plenty of orders to process and he’s on his own.

The beer is OK, and watching the stream of orders I note that there are plenty taking advantage of the “two for £10” offers. The barman also gets extra brownie points for suggesting that punters get their pint shandy made with cask beer because the taste is better. He’s having to make up quite a bit of shandy, so as I thought, most people visiting are also driving.

You wouldn’t routinely walk this far out of town – and potentially along the pavement of a busy main road after dark – to have a beer, but the food offer is evidently popular, and if places like this can offer cask beer, anywhere can (they could quite easily rely on nitro-keg, like the Woodside). It’s interesting that the latter is the only food pub so far not to offer cask.

So one for summer lunchtimes, and early evenings when you’re a bit peckish, then. Good to see a choice being offered. Next!

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