Friday, 28 September 2012

40 Express

Visited On 10 July 2012
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So to the last leg of the reviews – covering all those pubs around the Nantwich Road and Mill Street traffic lights that didn’t get visited previously. And this starts at the Express, a popular pub on the corner of Mill Street and Herdman Street. There is one large bar area with another room housing the pool table, and a terrace out the back. There are also three handpumps, but all have run dry.


Why so? There’s Wells Bombardier – via modern custom pump – and Greene King IPA, plus a guest beer which was Marston’s Pedigree. It’s explained that one barrel recently had to go back, and they apparently go through a lot of the stuff at the weekend, when there are the inevitable music and karaoke nights. But to run out of three cask beers is Not A Good Thing.

So it has to be another pint of John Smiths, which, as with so many pubs in Crewe, is dead cheap in addition to being totally dead. It is a brown colour, smooth to the point of terminal blandness, and may be mildly alcoholic. Authentic ingredients may have been used in the brewing process. But it is not worth me stumping up my discretionary purchase funding to drink it.

Lots of couples and groups gravitate to the Express, even early in the week. The dart board – raised up a step but within the main bar area – sees plenty of use. There are the customary screens relaying whatever sporting action is available. The locals are good natured and the service is fine. If only they could manage not to run out of cask beer midweek, it would be recommendable.

[LATER I decided to give the Express a second chance and on a subsequent Tuesday found that, although the Bombardier and IPA had again run dry, the guest beer, on this occasion Wychwood Hobgoblin, was available and rather good. Not everyone likes this beer, but I’m quite partial to it. So they intend to have a cask choice – it just doesn’t always work out]


Gary said...

This pub has now hit rock bottom. It's been my friends' (not mine) choice for a pre-match pint but I rarely have beer as there is never any worth drinking. When i ask why the pumps are'off' they claim 'there's no demand'. Well if your supply is so unreliable then there's not going to be demand.
The pub has a high turnover of landlord, each one worse than t5he last. So, it's off to the Pig.

Gary said...

This pub has now hit rock bottom. Successive landlords have dragged it further down and the handpumps are just there for decoration. I even heard one local punter claim that the Carling was off!!
Fortunately the Pig has re-opened with some real ale.