Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Euston Tap

Visited on 29 June 2012

When the old Euston station was ritually trashed in the early 1960s to make way for something more spacious and modern, the long lamented arch might have gone, but the two gatehouses somehow survived. And these have now been turned into a matching pair of bars, the east side housing the Cider Tap, and that at the west side the original and more popular Euston (“Craft Beer House”) Tap.

The brews on sale vary: there’s more information on the website or their blog. The description tells you all you need to know: eight cask beers and twenty keg ones, with the latter not the usual bland mega-brews you get in most pubs. The sight of all those taps lined up behind the bar is impressive even before you sample the beer (dispense of cask beer is apparently assisted by electric pumps).

This firepower of dispense is backed up by around 150 varieties of bottled beer, and for those still not happy, wines, spirits and soft drinks are available. So what brings me to this popular watering hole on a fine late June evening? Well, I was in London for Netroots UK the following day, and had arranged to meet former (and reformed) Daily Star freelance Rich Peppiatt for a chat.

Rich had been keeping a low profile for a while, and all was soon explained over a jar of Buxton Moortop – no silly London prices here, just three notes per pint – which was, as Sid Waddell might have said, in a word Bloody Excellent. He had been putting together his show One Rogue Reporter, which would run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. If he was lucky it might make some money.

Exactly what is in the show, and which current and past figures from the tabloid roll of shame may or may not figure in it, the unusual methods deployed, and the identity of who gets done up like a kipper, are, well, look, I’m not telling you that – you’ll have to go and see the show. If it isn’t on near where you live, then, oh I dunno, start a protest movement until someone gets him to put it on.

Anyhow, what kind of punter frequents the Euston Tap? Well, on the evening in question the place was heaving, with crowds spilling out onto the street outside. That there are none of the heavily promoted national keg brands on sale clearly doesn’t put folks off: trying something new does not faze as many people as the admen would like to think. Anyone and everyone is there.

The only drawback may be for those who want somewhere to sit down when enjoying their beer – because the popularity of the place makes that very hit and miss. Visit this bar when you’re in London. Make time to call in before catching your train. Like the L’Oreal advert might have put it, it’s worth it.

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