Monday, 1 October 2012

41 Square One

Visited On 12 July 2012
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Just up the road from the Express towards the traffic lights is Square One, a self-styled “cafe bar” with an interior boasting lots of exposed brickwork, sofas, and a potentially laid back vibe. So what’s on offer? There were, so I’m reliably informed, two handpumps on the bar at one time, but this evening there is just one. But at least, unlike the Express, it is dispensing cask beer.

And this evening’s offering is Taylor’s Landlord, another beer trunked a long way from the brewery: Timothy Taylor’s brewery is in the West Yorkshire town of Keighley, although Landlord, a premium bitter, is available across the country. It has that renowned bouquet of cold tea, as has the less strong Best Bitter. It’s a cracking pint of beer, and that on offer this evening is no different.

So is this the regular cask offering, or do other beers feature? The answer is the latter: the next barrel to come on will dispense Sharp’s Doombar, a beer which was also offered when I visited the White Lion at Warmingham, and the Rookery Wood down at the Weston Road end of the Crewe Green link road. This is the first (and only) instance of Landlord being offered.

Well, at least a cask choice is offered. What else? There are bottled and keg Belgian beers on offer, but then you can get a far wider range of these just up the road at Hops Belgian Bar (and lots more cask offerings). Square One is a sort of halfway house in this respect, but a useful one: groups whose tastes range from cask to continental to nitro-keg can all feel at home here.

And the place majors in DJs and music at the weekend, with the upstairs grandly called “the VIP area”. Yeah, right. Square One also does food of a lunchtime, and the “courtyard” outside provides a convenient smoking area. You might notice that I’m not one easily persuaded by “concept” pubs and bars.

In any case, lots of pubs have a wide choice of product. It’ll be interesting to see how this place fares over the longer term: there are several pubs in the area that haven’t made it, or, as I’m about to find out further along Mill Street, have had to constantly reinvent themselves. Not a bad pint, though.

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