Wednesday, 3 October 2012

42 Albion

Visited On 12 July 2012
Here's the photo ...

... and here's the (not quite accurate) map

This pub, on the corner of Mill Street and Pedley Street, had morphed into The Office when I first remember it, and later became Bar Twenty Two. Then it changed name yet again, becoming Woody’s Bar. And then it closed, before being reopened under its original name, except, as the sign above the entrance explains, it is now Cruise Bar At The Albion.

So it’s only fitting that I hand over to guest writer Julian Ansandy (geddit?!?) to explain the midweek experience as it unfolded. Take it away Julian!

[Ooh, will you just have a vada at that bungery! Clap yer orbs on that! A cruise bar ... well, I couldn’t wait, could I? Pulled on me bona drag and got over there as fast as me lallies would carry me, I did. Picked up a handful of measures to be on the safe side as well, so I could have a good cackle with all the omies and palones over a buvare or several. I mean, just fantabulosa!

And then, after I’ve had a bona ogle at the bungery, I find it’s closed! Well, that’s none too zhooshy, is it? No chance of a schlumph to wash down the mangarie there dear, and no mistake. Proper naff. Should have got on the palare pipe and found out. Well, that’s me on the old todd. What will I tell Mister ‘Orne? That’s one circle I won’t be penetrating any time soon. Charmed, I’m sure.]

Yes, another pub that closes midweek. Empty chair for the Albion. Next!

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