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44 Brunswick

Visited On 10 July 2012
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And so to the very last pub: unless I missed something, this review brings the survey of Crewe’s pubs to a close. The Brunswick is on the north side of Nantwich Road, near the Mill Street traffic lights. Its Art Deco tiled facade has been spoilt by a modern and pretty tacky ground floor addition, which is a pity. The pub also comes with a reputation: all I’ve heard has been unfavourable.

Well, I take each of these places as I find them, so we start with a clean sheet. The name of Greene King has recently appeared outside, so let’s see what’s on the bar. And here there is a pleasant surprise: although the IPA is off (as with the Express), there is Morland Old Speckled Hen, which, although there is a faction grumbling that it’s a shade of its former self, I rather like.

So it’s one of those, then. There is also a guest beer, this evening’s being Wharfe Bank Medal Pursuit, so at least one microbrewery is getting some exposure, despite this being a tied house. The beer is in good form, although once more this is a brew that has been trunked over a hundred miles: it’s brewed nowadays at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

There is plenty of custom this evening, and the pub does food more or less throughout opening hours. The hot food choice may be restricted to pizza, but that’s little different to what is on offer out on Nantwich Road. As with many other Crewe pubs, there is music of a weekend, but midweek there is just the obligatory screen showing whatever sport is on.

And there is plenty of seating too. I confess to quite liking this pub, so much so that I visited again a few weeks later. You could do a lot worse in this area, and with the British Lion having closed again, well, the Brunswick is just across the road.

And that’s that: 44 pubs, two empty chairs for not opening during the week, but 42 that were otherwise fit for review. Sadly, two have closed since, and that’s a worry.

Stand by next for the worst, and then best, pubs in Crewe.

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