Friday, 19 October 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Commended – 1

So the pub reviews are done. Which are the best and worst pubs in Crewe? Well, first, in no particular order, are those that I call Commended, because, although they haven’t made the top five, they’re all worth a visit.

Queen's Park, Crewe

So here goes!

9 Duke Of Gloucester Lees’ beers, food on all the time, good service, happy staff, and plenty of room. Worth the walk out from town and very convenient for those fortunate students at the MMU campus. A follow-up visit was made and the standard was just as high.

12 Waldron Yes, the Waldron, Party Central itself. You could do a lot worse in the town centre than this place, which has food offers all day, inexpensive cask beers, and is clean and tidy throughout. Haven’t figured out how they manage to serve a pint of Morland Original for £1.79 yet, mind.

15 Ye Olde Manor Yes, it’s a chain food pub but the beer is good – although, yes, it could well be FastCask – and of course there is food on all day. Very popular, which may be because the nearest competition doesn’t offer cask. I did warn you.

28 Horse Shoe Excellent locals’ pub, and another tied house, this time Robinson’s. Three cask ales on the bar, some interesting features, decent service and a cracking pint. Again, lots of room and it’s popular even during the week.

35 Gaffers Row The Crewe Wetherspoons didn’t quite have what I was looking for in a top five pub – that may change with the recent arrival of a new manager – but you know what you’re going to get, the prices are keen and there’s a wide selection of cask beers.

Next up will be the bottom five, the town’s worst pubs. The ones that I visited, folks, so you don’t have to. Stay tuned.

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