Thursday, 14 January 2016

Crewe’s Worst Pubs - Update

Crewe Beer Blog has not done much in the way of updates of late. But there have been some changes since the original 2012 survey - many of them concerning the five pubs that I judged to be the worst on offer.
War memorial, Crewe

There is good news, but first of all, a lot of not very good news.

The Rockwood closed not long after I visited, the pub was later demolished, and was replaced by a housing development. And that original 1930s interior went in the skip with everything else.

The Cumberland Arms is still there, but is no longer a pub, having become residential accommodation, including a large extension on what had been the car park.

The Victoria is slowly decaying, having closed for the last time and spent a very long time being sold.

The Bridge Inn had the lease up last time I passed, its future uncertain.

But the good news is that the Raven at Brookhouse is not only still going, but thriving. How could this be? Simples. Now apparently free of tie, there is little changed inside, the outside still looks a bit faded, but it’s all down to the beer, and the service.

Four regularly rotating cask beers are on at any time: I’ve sampled Offbeat Outlandish Pale and Dark Star Partridge on two recent visits. And the service is good. Plus they don’t run out of stuff. For live music fans, there are bands playing every weekend.

Very little was needed to turn Crewe’s worst pub into one of its best. Which the Raven very definitely now is. It gets better: there is more good news concerning the south side of town, which I’ll cover in a future post.